Welcome to Pitlochry's Sighthounds

I think it is more then 25 years ago I met Conny & Nico Fernhout on a dog show. Nico, I have had heard of before. Him being a great vet had made some name already in the dog world. The clinic “Dierencentrum ‘t Wachthuys” is famous for its AI techniques and solving breeding problems. It is no miracle that Conny took my attention.

Where she is you notice Conny. Always talking with everybody and being very straight forwards she has to get your attentionJ We have had much fun in the old days and still when we meet we have good times. Having fun with each other is very important in the dog world to survive! Beside that Conny took my attention with her personality also her & Nico’s dogs did.

First the beautiful Deerhounds and not long after that her Irish Wolfhounds. Through the years you saw how much feeling she has for those breeds. Many top dogs you will find these days all over the world carrying the name Pitlochry’s. Lately Pitlochry’s also breed Whippets and we expect not long from now to see some beautiful ones from this kennel entering the show ring as well. If possible go and pay the Pitlochry’s kennel a visit, you will see that the kennels are very big and clean.

The fields to play in are huge and the babies are born and raised in the house. The garden around the house is lovely and does not give you the idea of being in a big sight hound kennel. Walking around in the garden you will find different pieces of art that Conny made herself, lovely pieces I must say. Also the house is full with art made by Conny. Breeding is an art form. Conny has proven to be an artist, not only through the dogs she and her husband bred but also her hands can make what her eyes see. We hope you like your visit to this Pitlochry’s Sight Hound pages and we are sure that when you browse the pages you have to agree that hounds coming from this kennel are hounds to remember.

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